A busy summer… and 6 new songs

Soooooo, what happened since begin of July? Well, quite a few things I have to say… sure I quit my job, spend 2 weeks of holidays with my family, sold my apartment in Amsterdam, moved my few essential belongings by car to Copenhagen, sold and gave all the rest (furniture and stuff), moved in with my love in a very central apartment in Copenhagen and started my new job there… but, I also did a lot of co-writing, met new songwriter friends and wrote 6 more songs, including 3 in French. Yeah! :-)
(Photo: Brett Perkins, Visby)
Michaut/Perkins played for the first time in Sweden as part of the Visby festival, on the beautiful island of Gotland (you can see me working on the picture above). During that time, I wrote “Ma vie en noir et blanc” with Maria Blom and “Little Gifts” with Cicci Landèn. At the end of September, we also played a very special and meditative concert (instrumental) at the beautiful Vors Frelsers Kirke.

Screenshot 2017-10-07 19.56.12

Participating in the Listening Room International Songwriting Retreat in Copenhagen at the end of August, I had the chance to meet ever more artists and to co-write 4 new songs: “This Is My Time” with Lauren Adams, “Going Down” with Anna-Karin Albihn and Sol Ragner (both of which we played at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival – see pictures below), “Vol 7463” with Jeffery Straker and “Partager ses envies” with Christer Jonasson!! I can’t wait to work on these songs and play them for you!

(Photos: Carlos Ochoa, CSF’17)

 And now, I’m organising 2 secrete concerts in Amsterdam in November – people subscribed to my mailing list will get all the details… 😉 and I’m trying to continue working on my music here in Copenhagen.

Talk to you soon! :-)

2 thoughts on “A busy summer… and 6 new songs

  1. Mary Moss McDonald from Idyllwild

    WOW!!!! What a crazy, busy life you are living but it all sounds so wonderful. Leaving your old job, life, apartment and moving to Copenhagen to be with your love!!!! All great stuff and then writing all those songs too! How can just one person,
    you, Magali, do all that???? You are amazing! You deserve to be laying on that hammock for days!!!
    Glad to hear about your life and updates! Can’t wait to hear your new songs!
    Love and hugs from warm and sunny Idyllwild,

  2. magali.michaut@gmail.com Post author

    Hey Mary! Thanks for your nice comment. It’s really great to have such enthusiastic readers and fans like you. Big hugs from cold and windy Copenhagen. 😉

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